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Learn How To Get Listings In 30 Days  - WITHOUT PAYING For Referrals, Ads, or Ridiculous Leads That Don't Convert!!!   

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Let's Talk Truth 😱...

Hey There!

🚀 Ready to break free from the ordinary in real estate? Let's talk truth...


In 2023, a whopping 49% of agents closed only 0 or 1 deal.


Why? Because they bought into the myth that success magically falls into your lap.


But guess what? Real estate is a hustle, a grind, a relentless pursuit of opportunity.

🔍 You're in a sales game, my friend. It's all about LEAD GENERATION.


Yet, so many agents are stuck in a cycle of working with buyers, only to watch their offers get outbid.


Sound familiar? It's time to flip the script.

💡 Picture this: your first listing within 30 days. How? Simple...


...Pick up that phone and dial.


No fancy tools, no begging family and friends – just cold, hard prospecting.


That's the game-changer.

💥 And that's why we're here – to disrupt the norm and shake up the industry.


Welcome to the Dominate Listings Community, where we're all about breaking barriers, shattering expectations, and DOMINATING the listings game.

👊 Join us, and let's rewrite your success story.

Say goodbye to the status quo and hello to a future filled with listings, leads, and limitless potential.

Cheers to your success,

Byron & Alex

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Here's a SNEAK PEAK 🔎...

Here's What You Get with Your FREE Membership:

🚀 Weekly Live Training: Dive into interactive sessions where you'll discover cutting-edge techniques for dominating listings, mastering prospecting, and closing deals with confidence.

📞 Join Live Prospecting Calls: Gain invaluable insights as you watch us make live cold calls to homeowners, handle objections like a pro, and uncover lucrative listing leads.

💡 Learn Prospecting Techniques: Each week, we focus on a different aspect of listing acquisition, ensuring you're armed with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in any situation.

📚 Access to Basic Resources: Explore essential guides and resources designed to support your growth as a real estate professional.

🎥 Limited Access to Recorded Training Sessions: Can't make it to a live session? No problem! Enjoy limited access to recorded training sessions, so you never miss out on valuable insights and strategies.

📅 Weekly Training Schedule:

Every Wednesday at 1 PM


Script & Cold Calling Training

1st Wednesday of the Month: Script and Cold Calling Training - Master the art of effective cold calling and refine your prospecting scripts to secure more listings.


Live Prospecting (Watch & Learn)

2nd Wednesday: Live Prospecting - Join us as we make live cold calls to homeowners, uncover listing opportunities, and handle objections like a pro.


Listing Presentation Training / Roleplaying

3rd Wednesday: Listing Presentation Training / Role Playing - Sharpen your listing presentation skills through interactive role-playing exercises and receive expert guidance on winning over sellers.


Live Prospecting Session!

4th Wednesday: Live Prospecting - Dive back into live cold calling sessions and further refine your prospecting techniques to generate high-quality leads.


Role Playing

5th Wednesday: Role Playing - Put your skills to the test with immersive role-playing scenarios, designed to enhance your confidence and negotiation abilities.

Join the Dominate Listings Community today and embark on your journey to real estate mastery!

Hosted By:

Join us for the Dominate Listings Community hosted by Byron Campos and Alex Camargo.


Alex, an ICON AGENT with eXp Realty, brings over a decade of industry expertise, having built a successful team and mentored dozens within his organization.


Byron, leveraging over a decade of sales experience, is revolutionizing the real estate landscape with his assertive strategies, carving out market share through his relentless pursuit of listings.


Together, we're here to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to dominate the listings game and elevate your real estate career to unprecedented heights.

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